Robinson Club Nonoo

Отель Robinson Club Nonoo расположен на острове Orivaru в восточной части атолла Нону (центральная часть Мальдив)

Расстояние от Мале 181 км

Размеры острова 530 х 350 м

Количество номеров 150

Дети бесплатно до 01 лет включительно

Год открытия 2017

As a matter of fact, we would like to inform you today that, effective 28.01.2022 (date of arrival) until initially 30.04.2022 (date of arrival), all ROBINSON Clubs worldwide will only allow guests to check-in that are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 in addition to an up-to-date, negative test result.

The new rule applies to all guests aged 18 years and above and check-in is only possible with a proof of complete vaccination with a vaccine recognized in the destination country (valid vaccination certificate required) or with proof of recovery from COVID-19 AND a valid negative Corona test. Please refer the attached rules & regulations. 

Antigen tests (not older than 24 hours) or PCR tests (not older than 48 hours; Exception: for our resorts in the Maldives, the PCR test must not be older than 72 hours) are accepted.

In order to ensure a particularly high level of safety for all guests and staff, the testing obligation also applies to guests who have already received their booster vaccination.

For children aged four to up to and including 17 years testing is also compulsory. A valid proof of testing (antigen test: not older than 24 hours, PCR test: not older than 48 hours/72 hours for the Maldives) must be presented upon arrival. Alternatively, a test provided by the club can be carried out under supervision on site. A further test is required no later than 72 hours after arrival. If the stay at the Club is longer than seven days, a third test is mandatory on the eighth day after arrival. If there is proof of complete vaccination or proof of the child’s recovery, only the testing obligation on arrival applies, in the same way as for adult travelers.


  • Гидросамолет

    45 минут

  • или
  • Внутренние авиалинии

    35 минут до острова Ifuru + 45 минут на катере

  • Катер


На карте



Предлагаемый план питания All Inclusive:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner in the Main Restaurant buffet

ROBINSON bottled water still and sparkling

Coke, Coke ZERO, Fanta orange, Sprite, tonic water, ginger beer, ginger ale, sod

Packet juices, fresh juice of the day, smoothies

Draught beer, Lion, Singha, Sol and Heineken, cider, non-alcoholic beer

Coffee, tea, iced tea, ices coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato

House wine red, white and rose

House sparkling wine

Vodka: Smirnoff, Finlandia, Absolute Blue, Russian Standard, Absolute Citron

Gin: Beefeaters and Gordon

Rum: Bacardi, Captain Morgen and Havana Club

Whisky/ Whiskey: Jonnie Walker Red, Ballantine’s, Canadian Club, Jim Beam white, Jameson’s

Branded brandy, aperitifs, digestives and liqueurs

Cocktails and mocktails as offered in the menu

Complementary aperitif and digestive served at specialty restaurants with your table booking

Complimentary welcome drink

Complimentary Gala Aperitif with selected finger foods every Saturday

Weekly served set Gala Menu including high end products such as beef tenderloin

Selection of teas and coffee in the room (Nespresso machine) refilled once a day

Complementary ROBINSON bottled water in the room, refilled once a day


  • 20% скидка на проживание в период с 12.05.22 по 13.08.22 при бронировании до 26.05.22 (распространяется на всех в номере)
  • 20% скидка на проживание при бронировании 21 ночи и больше в период с 01.01.21 по 31.10.22. Не комбинируется
  • Все предложения комбинируются, если не указано иное


Доплата за трансфер на гидросамолете $828 за взрослого, $792 за ребенка 6-14 лет и $726 за ребенка 2-5 лет; самолетом внутренних авиалиний $492 за взрослого, $456 за ребенка 6-14 лет и $390 за ребенка 2-5 лет


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